Juvenile Courts

Rob Mason Director of Juvenile Court

Rob Mason
Director of Juvenile Court

The Juvenile Division represents youths accused of delinquent acts (crimes allegedly committed by a juvenile.) By law, our clients are younger than 18 years old when their cases begin. Our lawyers practice in two “regular” courtroom divisions and also two “specialty” courtroom divisions. The “specialty” divisions are Crossover court (a division created for children in the Dependency system facing allegations of a delinquent act) and Girls court (a division created to provide services for high-risk young women facing allegations of a delinquent act.)

Juvenile public defenders play a critical role in the fair administration of justice for children and our lawyers work diligently each day in defending children’s liberty and protecting their legal interests. Juvenile defense is a specialized practice anchored in juvenile-specific training and practice skills, and requires zealous advocacy that is individualized, developmentally appropriate, and based on the child’s expressed interests. When a child is involved in the juvenile court system, it can be a stressful time for both the child as well as the child’s family. We’re here to help!

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