Circuit (Felony) Court

Fred Gazaleh Director of Circuit Court

Fred Gazaleh
Director of Circuit Court

The Circuit Court of the Fourth Judicial Circuit Criminal division has jurisdiction over all cases where the maximum possible punishment is more than one year in jail (Felonies). Circuit Criminal is divided into nine separate divisions lettered, alphabetically, as CR-A to CR-I. Each division has a single judge assigned to preside over cases in the division and the Office of The Public Defender and the Office of the State Attorney assign attorneys to defend and prosecute the cases in each courtroom. There are eight division chiefs designated by Mr. Cofer who are the immediate supervisors of the attorneys in their divisions. Each division has 3-5 Assistant Public Defenders assigned, depending on the caseloads. There are additional attorneys who may have cases in multiple divisions and handle Major Crimes and Homicides.

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